A tattoo is always a very personal thing. That is why we at Wanda Tattoo always take alot of time to make sure you are comfortable and totally convinced of the design of the tattoo. Nowadays we see a trend to make a tattoo even more personal.

A couple of months ago we stumbled upon an company who can incorporate the ashes of a deceased relative in the ink that is used for your tattoo. Now another company opened, which can add the DNA of any living creature in the ink. With this new technique they are able to literally put the DNA in the ink. How personal do you want your tattoo to be?

The well know model Makani Terror was one of the first to try out this new technique. She decided to get a huge tattoo of her cat Gizmo. For the ink of the tattoo the DNA of her cat was used.

The company behind this new technique is SKIN46. And the owner is well aware of the controversy his new products causes. “The idea of SKIN46 tattoo ink starts some seriously spirited conversations,” Andreas Wample, the brand’s inventor and founder, said in a press release. “Some think it’s offensive, while a huge amount of tattoo lovers thinks it’s an amazing concept…Tattooing needs this kind of fresh spirit.”

What do you think about this new technique? Will this be the future of skin art? Would you get a tattoo with DNA of your beloved one used in the ink?


DJ Wanda

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